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Ad Scan© - the idea

Advertising for sales promotions is necessary to generate targeted market impulses. These offers are meant to take effect immediately and initiate the desired sales impulse. The competitiveness of each offer can be achieved through market observation.

However, the impact of promotional advertising depends on more parameters than the mere advantage in Euros.

  • The printed ad or TV/radio spot has to meet the usual standards for good advertising (e.g. liking, innovation, differentiation).
  • The advertised offer has to be clear, understandable, and believable.
  • Es muss dazu motivieren, weitere Informationen einzuholen und das Interesse verstärken, das Produkt zu kaufen.
  • It has to motivate readers to collect more information about the product and increase the purchase intention. The offer has to fit the brand.

All this is verified by Ad Scan© - the research tool for quickly checking the impact of promotional advertising.

Ad Scan© - the nature

Ad Scan© is compact and comprehensive at once.

Ad Scan© shows you how your target groups view your advertising (appeal) and your sales promotion (offer). You learn how your sales promotions affect the perception of your brand. All that in an executive summary (three charts) - plus, of course, additionally all collected data for deeper analysis.

Ad Scan© shows you your competition.

Ad Scan© analyses the promotional advertising of your competitors parallel to your promotions. This provides you with relevant decision-making support.

Ad Scan© is fast.

Ad Scan© is based on a minimum of 100 online interviews (panel base: >100.000 qualified users). You get your report a mere three days after publication of a new motive (print, radio, TV, or internet) and learn how your target groups perceive your promotional advertising. So you can react immediately.